10 Tips for Surviving Dorm Life

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College transition is an exciting, yet scary time in a student’s life! Dorm life can be intimidating, so we’ve created a list of 10 things that will make any new college student feel right at home!

1. Organize Organize Organize! Dorm rooms are known to be very small, so it’s extremely important to stay organized all year round. Avoid the stress of searching through piles of clothes before heading to a test, and pick up a dry erase board for notes and reminders!

2. Decorate your walls. Nothing is more lonely than 4 blank white walls. Recreate your room from home by filling your walls with your favorite people and loved ones!

Colorful Dorm

3. Privacy! Security is important in the dorm rooms, especially if you are sharing with a roommate or going to have guests over. Find the right locks and take preventative action.

 4. Go green. Dormitory rooms can be stuffy. Go to your local greenhouse and pick up a small plant. Having some ferns in your room will lighten your mood and provide some extra oxygen.

Small Plant

5. Candle warmers are a must! Abide by your campus’ open flame policy and use a Candle Warmer to warm your favorite scent. Change the candle depending on your mood, all while keeping your room smelling fresh!

Candle Warmer

6. Add a rug or carpet. Space can be limited in the dorm rooms. Snag up a rug or carpet for on the floor studying or lounging.

 7. Lighting is key! Small lamps, desk lamps and other lights will be a perfect addition for your room. Dorm lights don’t always produce the best lighting, so come prepared for those late night study sessions.

Dorm Lamp

8. Personalize. Don’t forget to bring your favorite items to show off to your roommates. A picture of your family, cool postcards from places you’ve traveled or DIY projects are just a few on the list.

9. Use a shoe rack. Organize your shoes and sneakers with a hanging shoe rack. These are convenient and efficient for all those messy shoes. You can easily hang these from the back of your bathroom door.


10. Storage. Pick up some plastic bins and containers for organizing clothes, accessories and even snack foods. Loft your bed and store them away!

Dorm Room

Tell us YOUR tips on surviving dorm life in the comments below!

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