3 Tips for Practicing Candle Sense

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During the colder months, it’s no surprise that there are more residential fires. More people are creating their own indoor heating with fireplaces, and candles. Although this can be very cozy and warm in these cold times, you have to be safe with your flames! Here are some simple tips that can really save you this winter:

Blow out all candles before you leave a room and before you fall asleep!

This seems simple enough yet it’s one of the most common problems! Even if you’re just running out for a minute, STILL BLOW OUT THE CANDLE. Leaving a candle burning with an open flame is simply asking for a problem! We know, it is all too easy to get comfortable and drift off. The key to cozying up by the fire place with a cup of tea and a good book is NOT falling asleep! If you feel yourself getting tired– put out the fire place or the candle first. Or, try a Candle Warmer that you can leave on for hours!

Keep your candle away from flammable items!

Everything can be flammable if you leave it out next to an open flame exposed to the heat. Make sure that when you are burning candles you clear the surrounding area making sure to eliminate all potential problems. It may be inconvenient to move your stuff around just to burn a candle for a few hours, but its much more inconvenient to have a house fire!

Use candle warmers and Go Flameless as a safe alternative!

This is highly recommended by all of us at Candle Warmers Etc. Flameless warmers are a great alternative to using candles. You still get all the joy of the fresh scent filling up your entire room from the flameless warmer’s and you don’t risk the dangers of having an open flame. We still don’t recommend leaving your candle warmers on all day if you’re not home, but it wouldn’t be as dangerous as leaving a candle burning!

CCLLL_Windows Next time you’re cuddled up next to the fire place with a warm drink, and you feel your eyes getting heavy.. Remember to put out the fire first. Safety must come first – GO FLAMELESS and ease your mind!

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