Best Flameless Experience

We want you to have the best flameless experience and we know that only happens when you experience Candle Warmers Etc.’s lamps and lanterns. So, to assist you in doing so, we are having FIVE lamp and lantern giveaways in September! Stay tuned and check our FB page daily to make sure you don’t miss out on any giveaways!Lamps & Lanterns

College Survival Guide

As fall approaches, many of you are heading off to college. Don’t forget to follow our 5 guidelines to not only survive dorm life, but to own it like a champ!

1. Organize. Say goodbye to the spacious queen bedroom and private bathroom you experienced in your big room at home. College dorm rooms are small and known to be very messy at times. By organizing your room when you arrive and keeping it organized throughout the year, you will avoid amounts of unnecessary and unwanted stress.

2. Decorate. Moving away is exciting and fun, but also lonely and difficult at times. Hang up pictures, add a splash of color, and remember you have a family who loves you that’s rooting for you back home.

Lights in a dorm room3. Privacy. This important aspect can be overlooked by a lot of young college students. Make sure your valuables are locked away whenever you are not in the room. Even a quick run to the bathroom can give someone enough time to nab that new computer.

4. Go green. Dormitory rooms can be stuffy and boring. Go to your local greenhouse and pick up a small plant to add some fun green shrubbery to your room and some extra oxygen!

Green shrubs5. Candle Warmer. This is obviously a must due to the poor smell that seems somewhat inevitable in dorm rooms. Because you can’t have an open flame, a candle warmer is the perfect solution allowing you to enjoy the beautiful, rich fragrance of a candle without violating dorm regulations.

Mission Candle Warmer Lantern

Good luck on your new venture and feel free to tell us how these worked out for you!


The Affairs of Your Air

Smiling Girl Relaxed And Contented On The Grass In The GardenWalking into a home and being overwhelmed with the fragrance of Lavender Vanilla in early spring is something we all love. That’s why we buy candles and candle warming products; we go to great lengths to fill our homes with rich delicious fragrances. But aside from the delicious aroma, candles have many other benefits you may not know of:

  1. Restore. Candles help your mind and body return to its former or original condition, meaning that they help you recuperate from the drudgery of every day life. The rich aroma and subtle ambiance from a candle or candle warmer push the stresses away and invite a calm and relaxing mood.
  2. Remember. A warm and inviting fragrance can bring back childhood memories and if strong enough, allow you to relive experiences for just a moment. Fragrances allow us to escape and enjoy some of our fondest times.
  3. Refocus. Burning or warming a candle can help you adjust the focus in your life to what it once was or should be. The delicate light from a burning candle provides an environment conducive to thinking, which helps us redirect our attention and resources to what is really important.

So next time you light that wick or burn that candle, remember that you’re enjoying more than just a pleasant scent; you’re enjoying restoration, remembrance and refocus.

Wax Battle: Soy vs. Paraffin

Candle_Flame_LREverywhere you look in the candle industry, you hear different things. Some say soy wax is better, while others swear by paraffin. So we’re here to put the rumors to rest and tell you the truth.

Some companies claim that paraffin wax is unnatural or unhealthy because it isn’t made from all natural ingredients; however, this is far from true. Paraffin wax is refined from naturally occurring crude oil, which is basically a product of animal and vegetable material. To think that any product does not go through a refining process after it is found in its natural state is simply naïve.

On the other hand, soy wax, a new and popular alternative to paraffin wax is a hydrogenated form of soybean oil. It is natural, renewable, and biodegradable; however, just like paraffin wax, it needs to be refined before throwing it into a candle vase.

So who is correct? Do the wax gods side with soy or paraffin? The answer is both. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but in the end they are pretty equal. The ideal candle combines both soy and paraffin wax to create a biodegradable, rich smelling candle that will provide the perfect ambiance with a clean burn.

Enjoy all of the qualities of a high quality candle in our fabulous candle line, City Creek Candles, which combine soy and paraffin wax to create the perfect candle. Visit to learn more!

A Week in Atlanta

Candle Warmers Etc. and City Creek Candles headed down south for a week in July to attend the Atlanta Gift Show.

Atlanta- CWE Display Atlanta- CCC Display

We released our new product for Fall 2014 like our beautiful and festive Holiday Vessel.

Holiday Vessel

We met with cross industry representatives and clients from across the country to share ideas, catch up on the latest trends and home designs and find inspiration for more product!

Atlanta Show

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New Fall 2014 Product

See our newest patented Tin Punched Candle Warmer Lantern in Old World. This elegant lantern creates the cozy glow of a burning candle and melts the top of the candle releasing the candle’s fragrance. Aged finishes and charming patterns let the light shine through creating the ambiance of a burning candle. TIOWD_LR

And The Winner Is…

Congratulations Antoinette Tortorrella, the winner of our Scent-sational Spring Giveaway! Thank you everyone for participating and telling us why you love our products so much. We love our customers and wouldn’t be here without you. Look for more giveaways to come!Scentsational_Winner