Product spotlight: Tin Punched candle warmer lantern

A 22oz City Creek Candle paired with a Tin Punched warmer lantern from Candle Warmers Etc really makes a statement. The aged finish and charming pattern of the lantern let the light shine through, creating a warm and cozy glow. And the substantial size makes it a statement piece in any room. It easily accommodates our largest size City Creek Candle, meaning you’ll have hours and hours of wonderful fragrance without having to think about buying a new scent – unless you just want to.

Tin Punched candle warmer lantern from Candle Warmers Etc. Shown with a 22 ounce City Creek Candles candle.

Tin Punched candle warmer lantern from Candle Warmers Etc. Shown with a 22 ounce City Creek Candles candle.

Top decor choices for spring from Candle Warmers Etc designer Meghan Saunders

Designer Meghan Saunders is the creative brain behind many of your favorite Candle Warmers Etc products. She was recently interviewed by the folks at Terrys Blinds for their Designer Insights spotlight!

Visit the full article to read Meghan’s top choices for home decor this spring, along with her answers to questions about her creative process.

Meghan Saunders Designer Spotlight

February Candle of the Month: Pink Petals!

February is definitely a month for romance. It’s also a good time of year to start dreaming about the warmer months (and hey, they’ll show up sooner or later, right?). Luckily, you can invest in both romance and island getaways with the City Creek Candles Pink Petals Candle–the February candle of the month!

pink petals

Pink Petals combines three wonderful floral scents: roses, spring lilies, and island orchids. Roses are a classic romantic flower, rich and sophisticated in scent. Spring lilies will remind you that warmer months, like April and May, are just around the corner. They’re a little brighter and sweeter in scent. Last but not least, island orchids will transport you to a tropical getaway (and we could all use a vacation around this time of year)!

New Spring Collection

Fill your home with love this February and bring the Pink Petals candle home to use whenever you like. Remember to stay in the same room as your candle as it burns or use a Candle Warmer to maximize safety. If you like more floral scents, make sure to check out the rest of our Floral and Fresh collection to bring the smell of spring to your home even sooner!

December Candle of the Month: Falling Snow

As the weather gets colder, there’s even less motivation to leave your warm house on a chilly night. While snow might be nice from a distance, being outside in it can be kind of a nightmare. Luckily, with City Creeks Candles Falling Snow Candle, you can simulate the feeling of fresh snowfall without leaving your home!

Falling Snow

Along with mint, the Falling Snow Candle combines scenes of patchouli (a soothing herb) and sandalwood, both of which provide woodsy smells that make you feel like you’re walking through a snowy forest.

Punched Tin Lantern

Crisp mint can actually invigorate your muscles and stimulate your brain. We all get a little lazy in the wintertime. Why not keep a fresh candle around to perk you up?

Chevron Illumination Warmer

Keep yourself warm and cozy this December with the City Creeks Candles Falling Snow Candle–and be sure to check out other winter scents at our website!

November Candle of the Month: Warm Cinnamon Buns

Remember rushing down to the kitchen as a kid with the scent of cinnamon swirl wafting through the air? It was a special treat to be enjoyed only on certain occasions. Now you can recreate those fond moments any time with City Creek Candles Warm Cinnamon Buns Scent!

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon was a prized possession by many ancient civilizations and was used to treat a variety of respiratory ailments. Feeling a little groggy? Light up this soothing scent to put you at ease.

City Creek Candles Warm Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon can also work wonders to keep blood sugar in check. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate cinnamon into your daily routine:

Cinnamon Sticks

  • Sprinkle on your morning oatmeal for a hint of flavor
  • Pair it with poultry or meat dishes for added depth
  • A dash in your smoothie makes a great new addition

Sweater Illumination Fragrance Warmer

What is your favorite scent to warm in the month of November? Tell us in the comments!

Practice Candle-Sense this October!

Did you know? October is National Fire Prevention Month!


Fire Prevention Week (October 6 – 12) was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871, but continued and did most of its damage on October 9, 1871. Ever since, organizations have been educating people on fire prevention and safety. Interesting enough, most fires begin in the kitchen and are cooking related. Secondly, fires occur due to improper use of candles – Which is where we come in!


We believe in “Practicing Candle-Sense” and “Going-Flameless” to create public awareness about consumer use. Candle Warmers was created on the basis of safe candle use. That’s why our line is flame free and spark free. Instead of having the traditional wick, we use warming plates, lamps and lanterns to melt the candle wax.

Many people use candles in their homes for a number of purposes including decor, aroma and lighting. Sometimes, people can get occupied and forget about their burning candles. So by choosing Candle Warmers, you can still keep you home smelling wonderful with safety in mind!

Candle Warmers

Looking for more candle safety tips? Read more on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)‘s website!

October Candle of the Month: Spiced Apple

Enjoy October with our Spiced Apple candle from City Creek Candles! Made with bold notes of fresh fall apples, cinnamon and cloves, this is the perfect blend and scent for those chilly fall nights.

Chevron Illumination Warmer


October is always a fun and nostalgic month, bringing in colorful leaves, apple cider, children laughing and Halloween! Here are some of our suggestions for making your home more in tune with the fall season:

  • Collect some pine cones and place them in baskets around your home. You can even add some potpourri for color and fragrance!

  • Use fall leaves and branches to make floral bouquets. You’ll really be able to capture the essence of the leaves changing colors.

  • Use mini pumpkins and other vegetables to make creative centerpieces.

French Larkspur

Image from French Larkspur.


Get the full Fall feel in your home with decorations and of course the Fall scents! When the weather gets even colder, you’ll really want to warm up your home with the smell of spiced apples. Your friends will feel right at home, they may not want to leave!


7 Ways To Use A Candle Warmer This Fall

Candles create a sense of warmth and comfort –especially after a long day, and nothing says Fall like a festive Autumn aroma! Bring some serenity into your home with these 7 unique ways to use Candle Warmers:

1. Fireside with a book

Curl up with your favorite Fall scent and a great book for a peaceful night in. Does it get much better than this on a cool Fall night?!

Chevron Candle Warmer

2. During family dinner

Nothing warms the heart like sharing fond memories around the comforting glow of a candle.

3. After a bonfire

As much as we love a good marshmallow roast- that doesn’t mean we want the smell lingering around for hours after. Mask the smell effortlessly with our Tin Punched Candle Warmer Lantern!

Tin Punched Candle Warmer Lantern

4. Housewarming Party

Greet your guests with relaxing scent of Nutmeg Ginger or Hot Apple Pie to welcome them into your new abode… As well as making them think you’re cooking up something delicious!

5. Gift for a college student

Melt away homesickness by sending your loved one a little reminder of home.

6. In your bathroom

Freshen up your powder room with one of our Plug In Fragrance Warmers that is perfect for small spaces.

Plug In Illumination Fragrance Warmer

7. Holiday gift

Candle Warmers make a great go-to gift for your next grab bag or to bring to your next event and really impress the host!

Sleigh Ride Candle Warmer

Tell us your favorite way to use Candle Warmer in the comments below!

10 Tips for Surviving Dorm Life

College transition is an exciting, yet scary time in a student’s life! Dorm life can be intimidating, so we’ve created a list of 10 things that will make any new college student feel right at home!

1. Organize Organize Organize! Dorm rooms are known to be very small, so it’s extremely important to stay organized all year round. Avoid the stress of searching through piles of clothes before heading to a test, and pick up a dry erase board for notes and reminders!

2. Decorate your walls. Nothing is more lonely than 4 blank white walls. Recreate your room from home by filling your walls with your favorite people and loved ones!

Colorful Dorm

3. Privacy! Security is important in the dorm rooms, especially if you are sharing with a roommate or going to have guests over. Find the right locks and take preventative action.

 4. Go green. Dormitory rooms can be stuffy. Go to your local greenhouse and pick up a small plant. Having some ferns in your room will lighten your mood and provide some extra oxygen.

Small Plant

5. Candle warmers are a must! Abide by your campus’ open flame policy and use a Candle Warmer to warm your favorite scent. Change the candle depending on your mood, all while keeping your room smelling fresh!

Candle Warmer

6. Add a rug or carpet. Space can be limited in the dorm rooms. Snag up a rug or carpet for on the floor studying or lounging.

 7. Lighting is key! Small lamps, desk lamps and other lights will be a perfect addition for your room. Dorm lights don’t always produce the best lighting, so come prepared for those late night study sessions.

Dorm Lamp

8. Personalize. Don’t forget to bring your favorite items to show off to your roommates. A picture of your family, cool postcards from places you’ve traveled or DIY projects are just a few on the list.

9. Use a shoe rack. Organize your shoes and sneakers with a hanging shoe rack. These are convenient and efficient for all those messy shoes. You can easily hang these from the back of your bathroom door.


10. Storage. Pick up some plastic bins and containers for organizing clothes, accessories and even snack foods. Loft your bed and store them away!

Dorm Room

Tell us YOUR tips on surviving dorm life in the comments below!

August Candle of the Month: Escape to Paradise

August is breezing by and as we transition into cooler temperatures, our floral and fresh line of candles is perfect for the end of summer. We love the Escape to Paradise scent, with aromas of sea salted driftwood, warm sands, windswept grases, and a hint of sugared papaya. This candle is sure to melt your heart and fill your senses with the most vibrant aromas of being in paradise!


With City Creek Candles, your candle is more than just a candle! All wax melts are made with the finest fragrance, wax, and wicks and are poured in the USA.


Another wonderful feature is repurposing the beautiful ceramic and glass pieces after the candle has been consumed. Simply remove the candlewick and wash with mild soap and water. Get creative and think of all the different ways you can reuse these beautiful pieces in your home or office!


Don’t forget to relax this August! Long summer work days, hectic schedules, and heading back to school, can cause some serious stress. Take charge of your mantra and strengthen your body, mind and soul with a simple candle meditation routine.


Find a quiet area and dim the lights. Using Escape to Paradise, imagine you are on the beach and devour the moment. Take 10 to 15 minutes to unravel and deeply meditate. This method will allow you to mentally detox and reach harmony!

We hope you have a relaxing month ahead! Don’t forget to head on over to the City Creek Candle’s Facebook page for the latest updates and promotions you won’t want to miss!