September Candle of the Month: Ginger Peach Tea

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Get ready for Fall with our September candle of the month! We’ve chosen Ginger Peach Tea for its refreshing blend of ripe peach, fresh ginger, and black tea.


Heal your mind, body and soul with this divine scent as you prepare for fresh starts and new beginnings.

This peach and ginger infusion is perfect for late evenings after work and quick study sessions during the night. If you’re looking for a little relaxation, cuddle up with a book and lose yourself in the moment.


For a quick, easy and fun September DIY project, try making some floating acorn cap candles! All you need is:


These are perfect for fall decor and  look great in potpourri baskets. An Easy DIY project simply using the Acorn caps to hold your favorite wax melt!

First, melt the wax down using a Candle Warmer, then pour into an Acorn cap. Adding a wick is optional. You won’t even need to light the acorns, they will already provide a subtle scent to your table setting! They also make fantastic gift baggies for friends and family members 🙂

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